DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is a non-profit run by just one person, founder Bonnie Baxter, and 250+ volunteers who help out day-of during our events.

We love Pittsburgh!  Our mission is to celebrate Pittsburgh’s unique architecture and heritage by providing visual storytelling and education INSIDE our buildings.

In these current times it’s more important than ever to connect to our City and our people.

The organization’s financial health is based on the ability to present events on a regular basis.

Like so many other similar organizations, COVID-19 has forced us to cancel most of the events we were prepared to offer in 2020.

  • Your donation will go towards replacing the operational costs necessary to curate  future events.
  • Your donation will help to keep ticket prices affordable so that our events continues to be affordable and inclusive to all.
  • Your donation also allows us to continue to deliver a positive impact to our community.


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