DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh celebrates our unique architecture and history by providing historical tours inside iconic buildings and cool new spaces, as well as offering virtual storytelling experiences.

People enjoying the annual event
Historical tour-goers in front of the historic
Dollar Bank building in downtown Pittsburgh.

We believe that our buildings embody our ideas about style and taste. 

They document our most cutting-edge advancements in technology. 

They reflect our hopes, dreams, struggles, and perseverance of a city and its individual communities.

It is our collective responsibility—as Pittsburghers—to protect and celebrate what the past has gifted to us.

Our historical tours invite the public to go behind-the-scenes with us, hear lesser-known stories, or just simply explore these buildings as we peek into the treasured architecture that unfolds the history of Pittsburgh for you.

We encourage you to #BeNebby! And we hope to see you this year!


City of Pittsburgh

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh encourages the appreciation of Pittsburgh’s architectural design, history, and art through a series of immersive events that educate the general public by sharing the quintessential stories of the city’s past, present, and future while allowing unprecedented access inside iconic buildings across its many culturally eclectic neighborhoods.

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