If you love Pittsburgh as much as we do, please consider volunteering

If you are interested in helping out for the annual event in October 2021, please register now.

Greeters welcome our visitors at the entrance of a select building, check their tickets, keep count of guests, manage social distancing and mask-wearing.  Greeters will also answer any general questions our guest may have about the event.
Docents present information about the buildings to our guests.  This information will be provided to you by DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh.  We do encourage our docents to develop their own “style of presentation” based on the information provided.  Strong presentation skills and an ability to memorize 4-5 minutes of content are required.
Event Center, located at Market Square, this is the place where guests can purchase tickets, get answers to basic event questions, and pick up a copy of the event guide.  You will be responsible for assisting our guests in these ways.
Substitutes are assigned a specific role/task a few days before the event.  You would be a substitute for another volunteer who has cancelled, or be called upon to help in some other way during the event.  You would NOT be called upon to be a docent.
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