We’ve recorded all of the DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh virtual storytelling events so that you can continue to explore the history of Pittsburgh’s remarkable landmarks and neighborhoods on demand. Enjoy the stories!

Note: Like our live-streamed storytelling events, these archived version are pay-what-you-can ($5 minimum). The “Learn more and get Tickets” links will take you to, our online ticketing partner.

Virtual Storytelling Event Recordings

Abandoned Pittsburgh: Gears & Ghosts

Join photographer Chuck Beard for a look inside some of Pittsburgh’s iconic and historic sites, including Duquesne Steel Works, Carrie Furnace,

Bayernhof Museum: Music Boxes & Other Obscure History

We invite you for an on-location peek inside one of Pittsburgh’s most unusual mansions – the Bayernhof Museum.  This mansion contains

Behind The Stage Doors: Rocking at the T-Bird

The Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall had humble beginnings. In 1933 this space was known as Michalski’s Café and was granted

Behind the Stage Doors: A Promoter’s Life

Do you enjoy large-scale concerts in the 70’ and 80’s here in Pittsburgh? Ever wonder who makes that happen?  Meet one

Behind the Stage Doors: If These Walls Could Talk

Go inside Pittsburgh’s only “juke joint” and meet Moondog’s owner, Ronnie Esser.  Moondog’s is one of the region’s most significant stages

Behind the Stage Doors: Shama Lama Ding Dong

If you are a music fan who grew up in Pittsburgh over the last 50 years, you know the name Johnny

City Stairs: Stepping Back into Pittsburgh’s History One Staircase at a Time

City steps were the first mass transportation system, designed to bring workers from the hills to the mills.  Did you know

Clemente Museum: Telling the Humanitarian Story

We commemorate MLK Day 2021 by celebrating Roberto Clemente, a black Latino, known as The Great One. Incensed by the injustice,

David Burnham: Made No Little Plan in Pittsburgh

Did you know that, outside Chicago, no other city has more Burnham buildings? Learn more about this man and the buildings

Development of Oakland

Oakland is home to museums, universities, and medical centers, but do you know how it all started? You will learn how

Finding Solitude: George Westinghouse

What happened to the mansion called Solitude – the Pittsburgh home of one of the world’s greatest inventors? Why can’t we visit

H. J. Heinz—Secrets of a Pickle King

We all know about the ketchup and pickles. But what do we know about H.J. Heinz the man?  Sunday schools and

Holiday Cheers! A Truly Unique Winery Experience

Join head vintner, Duane Rieder, on-location at the Engine House 25 Wines, a discreet and private wine cellar under the Clemente

Multi-stories: Skyscrapers and the Tycoons That Built Them

Back when skyscrapers were a new invention, business tycoons in Pittsburgh and across the country invested in this new form of

Nellie Bly: How a Sassy Girl from Pittsburgh Became a Legend

This is the story of a girl from Pittsburgh who proved her mettle one front page headline after another. She took

Painting Pittsburgh Neighborhoods, by Artist Ron Donoughe

Join DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh for a virtual visit to the studio of artist Ron Donoughe. He has been painting Pittsburgh and

Pittsburgh’s First Pandemic: The White Plague

Join DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh for the inside story behind the White Plague that ravaged Pittsburgh at the turn of the century.  RECORDED

Pittsburgh’s Lost Chinatown

In the early 1900s, Pittsburgh’s Chinatown was thriving. With more than 20 restaurants, bakeries, import shops, and food markets, it was

Significant African-American Buildings in Pittsburgh

Let’s kick-off Black History Month 2021! Explore the region’s historically-significant buildings documents the accomplishments of Pittsburgh’s African American Community. We share the

The Hidden Jewish Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh

On this fast-paced virtual tour, we will visit 12 city neighborhoods. With an eagle eye and help from archival records, we

To Pittsburgh, from Germany with love: Holiday Markets

German Christmas markets date back to the 1400’s. Did you know that many of our beloved Christmas traditions evolved from these

Votes for Women in Western Pennsylvania

Join us as we explore women’s battle for the ballot in western Pennsylvania. Meet Pittsburgh suffragists who paraded, protested, and rallied

Western Penitentiary: Life and Death Inside the “Wall”

This is a story of life and death inside Western Penitentiary, also known as “Western Pen” and “The Wall.”  Thousands of convicted

When George Washington Almost Lost His Head

One July 4th proved to be nightmare morning for George Washington.  The Virginia soldier was just 22 years old when he
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