Specialty Tours – Anticipated for 2021/2022

Art curator walking tour postponed

A Curator’s Tour — Get a glimpse into the world of art curating.  You will visit a handful of galleries in Downtown, providing you the opportunity to experience the artists, and their work, first-hand.  Also, hear more about what it takes to “curate” a gallery.

Antique Skyscrapers: Rooftops & Views — See the city from up high! Ascend antique Pittsburgh skyscrapers for dazzling views and fabulous bird’s-eye selfies. Hear the amazing stories behind these multi-stories of yesteryear and the tycoons who commissioned them.

behind the scenes walking tour in Oakland

Behind-the-Scenes: Oakland — Explore some of Oakland’s most iconic buildings. Go behind-the-scenes access, have a unique experience in Pittsburgh’s second downtown during this neighborhood tour.

LGBTQ+ rainbow history bus tour

Come As You Are: Rainbow History Tour — The LGBTQ+ community in Pittsburgh is considerable and proud, but there is more to it than what you might know. This tour will enlighten, provoke, inform, inspire, educate, stimulate, and begin to tell the evolving story of Pittsburgh’s “rainbow” history.

Walking tour of federal courthouse

Federal Courthouse Tour — DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh collaborates with the Office of Public Art to provide you a curated experience inside the Federal Courthouse. Learn about the art and history of the building itself and the important work that is done there today.

Freedom Seekers: Underground Railroad — Pittsburgh was an important stop for hundreds of freedom-seeking slaves heading North in the years before the Civil War, providing a hidden network of safe houses, functioning as Pittsburgh’s Underground Railroad.

Houses of Freedom: Black History Tour — Firsthand stories of how the black church has stood as the institution to build community, family, justice, and freedom.

Pittsburgh cemetery bus tour

Pittsburgh & Beyond: The Cemetery Tour — tour some of Pittsburgh’s most iconic final resting places

Pittsburgh music bus tour

Rocking the ‘Burgh: Pittsburgh Music Tour — DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh has your front-row ticket to get inside and experience some of these venues and uncover the mystique of this industry as told by those in the Pittsburgh music scene today!

Ethnic neighborhood bus tour

Steel City Roots: Ethnic Neighborhood Tour — Many ethnic groups emigrated to America between 1870 and 1910 and settled in Pittsburgh. Explore the churches, social clubs, and ethnic businesses that helped these that still stand in today’s neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh oddities bus tour

Strange, but True: Pittsburgh Oddities — If you are into the odd or wacky, or want to see a different side of Pittsburgh, this is the tour for you! You will experience things that may be out of place, art installations you might not expect.

Walking tour of the Terminal Building in the Strip District

Strip District Terminal Building and Beyond — Neighborhood TourCentered in the Strip District is the former Produce Terminal Building. Understand the importance of this building, as it shaped the Strip District history through today. From there, go on to explore other building as part of this neighborhood tour.

Vintage Purse Tea Party — Every purse tells a story!  Join us as we explore the history of the “purse” with local collector, presented in a “high-tea” format. We will talk about the swankiest parties in Pittsburgh, speakeasy raids, fashion icons and Hollywood royalty.

Pittsburgh Prays: Intersections of Faith — Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques. They dot the Pittsburgh landscape. But most of us have never been inside a house of worship other than our own. Now you can.

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