As a non-profit (501c3), DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, Inc believes that ALL Pittsburghers should be able to celebrate and experience the physical history of our City, so that they can better understand our diverse communities and gain appreciation for our collective heritage.

And what better way to do so than to invite people INSIDE our buildings - as it is through these buildings can we begin to understand and appreciate our past, present and future.

We do this in a couple of ways every year:

  • Annual Event - Doors Open Pittsburgh - occurs every October (typically the first complete weekend of the month)
  • Specialty Tours - DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, Inc has begun in 2019 to offer thematic tour experiences, outside of the annual event weekend

Annual Event - Doors Open Pittsburgh

In October, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, Inc "throws open the doors" to a selection of building that represent our collective heritage across neighborhoods.  

This annual event is called "Doors Open Pittsburgh."

Hundreds of DOORS OPEN volunteers, and a handful of building personnel, are on-hand each year to provide live, visual storytelling and unique access to a diverse collection of buildings and spaces.!

During the annual event weekend, attendees can also enjoy:

  • Insider Tours - these are guided, thematic tour experiences
  • DOP @ The Square - Organizations and companies that do not have a building/space to open during the annual event, AND that either align with the DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh mission or represent the “Best Of” Pittsburgh, can showcase themselves as a “DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh Exhibitor” at DOP @ The Square (in Market Square)

Specialty Tours

Starting in 2019, these thematic tour experience will be offered on select Saturdays throughout the year.  Most will be a bus tour format. For more information go to Specialty Tour Info