As a non-profit (501c3), DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh believes that everyone should be able to see and experience the beauty and heritage of our City first-hand.

So,we open dozens of buildings for the general public to explore, experience or go behind-the-scenes access. 

It is only by being inside these buildings do we better understand and appreciate our past, present and future.

Here is how we do it each year:

"Doors Open Pittsburgh" - annual event

In October, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, Inc "throws open the doors" to a selection of 50-60 buildings that represent our collective heritage across select neighborhoods.   

Hundreds of DOORS OPEN volunteers, and a handful of building personnel, are on-hand each year to provide live, visual storytelling and unique access to a diverse collection of buildings and spaces!

Once inside, visitors are invited to explore, experience and/or go behind-the-scenes.

The 2020 annual event date will be announced in early March 2020.

"Specialty Tours" - tours offered throughout the year

In 2019 DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh offered a handful of Specialty Tours - thematic tour experiences that provide access into additional neighborhoods and buildings offered during the annual event.  These tours celebrate the people and their stories in our treasured neighborhoods.  The 2020 Specialty Tours will be announced on January 18.