Our Mission

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is non-profit, 501c3


DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh exists to celebrate of our diverse communities and appreciation for Pittsburgh’s unique heritage, variant architectural assets, the need for continued preservation.  We provide behind-the-scenes access, or just the opportunity to explore, INSIDE iconic and newly designed buildings in select neighborhoods each year in an informal educational format.


DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh serves Pittsburghers the opportunity to gain a first-hand appreciation of our heritage, architectural and cultural assets, so that we can better understand our past, present and potential future through this visual storytelling experience.

The positive impact of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, as told by our 2018 event attendees:

-   77% of our attendees have an "improved" opinion of the neighborhood they visited during DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh.

-  70% of our attendees said they would return to that neighborhood because of the experience at DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh.

-  Nearly $40,000 was spent at local businesses by event attendees during the annual event.

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