Mission of DOORS OPEN

The DOORS OPEN program exists to stimulate the exploration and appreciation of a City's architecture, history, design heritage and cultural assets, by providing unique behind-the- scenes, or some experiential access to significant buildings across a City’s diverse neighborhoods and/or business district.

The direct benefit of the DOORS OPEN program is to educate the community by sharing the stories of a City's past, present and future as told by the significant buildings of a City and/or neighborhoods.

Secondary benefits may also include an increased appreciation for a participating City and/or neighborhoods, and a desire to return to that City and/or neighborhood after the program for further personal exploration.

The program may also offer a economic boost to the City and/or participating neighborhoods, based on monies spent by guests to the DOORS OPEN program.

In addition, special events, guided educational tours and training seminars are also offered in the DOORS OPEN program.

Additional information can be found via our blog, online newsletters and content materials offered on this website, highlighting architecture, iconic buildings and design, and community heritage and architectural history.  

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