2017 Insider Tours

The 2018 Insider Tour List will be posted on August 27th.

But in the meantime, you can refer to this list below to get some idea of the types of InsiderTour experiences that will be available in 2018.

Downtown Foodies: Sustainable Tasting Tour

Get an up-close insider experience with three Pittsburgh restaurants as you explore their cuisines and learn how they are using sustainability to improve communities, reduce environmental impacts, and contribute to the economic prosperity of southwestern PA.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Taking Liberty, Pittsburgh's Red Light District Tour

Flashback to the late 1970's, when Liberty Avenue was home to vice instead of art. Taking Liberty is Pittsburgh's tour through the former red light district. Chris will share stories, including the murder of the "Vice King" and the "Christmas bombing" that captivated the public's attention and motivated city leadership to reclaim the area to create the Cultural District.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Classical Architecture in Modern Pittsburgh

The classical orders of architecture have roots in Ancient Greece, and they defined the appearance of Ancient Rome. A couple thousand years later, the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders–the basic ingredients of classical architecture–are proudly present throughout downtown Pittsburgh. Where can you find them? What are their constituent pieces? Who uses them well or badly? How does modern architecture compare?

Neighborhood: Downtown

Riverfront Vision on the Strip

Join Riverlife CEO Vivien Li for a tour of the Strip District Riverfront Park vision. Riverlife, a non-profit organization which reclaims, restores, and promotes Pittsburgh's riverfronts, is working with public and private property owners to provide public access and public amenities along the Strip District riverfront.

Neighborhood: Strip District

Many Faces of the North Shore

Walking along the shoreline of the Allegheny we will take a look at some significant historical sites and some spectacular modern spaces including—the early cotton industry, bridges, sports venues, monuments/memorials, and sculptural work. The tour will emphasize the continual transformation of the North Shore from the settling of Allegheny City (Pittsburgh’s Sister City) to modern times.

Neighborhood: Northside

The Tower at PNC Plaza Lobby Experience

Get an up-close view of 'The Beacon' inside the Tower at PNC Plaza, the corporate headquarters of PNC. Docents will be on-hand to tell you more about the changing lights of the Beacon and what those lights represent. Learn about the other aspects of this building, like the double-skinned facade, the solar chimney, the near zero waste program and the interesting work spaces.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Reimagining Iconic Offices for the Digital Age

Pittsburgh’s “Wall Street” – Fourth Avenue – signaled the city’s booming financial and industrial prominence in its architecture. From 1890-1910, numerous banks and significant oil and manufacturing firms built multi story offices here. In 1905 architect Michael Scott added an architectural classic that would become the headquarters of the Benedum Trees Oil Company in 1911.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Strip District Culinary Treasures

See fresh tortillas coming off the line; explore a private art collection housed above a popular Strip District restaurant; sample pizza and wine from the city's first urban winery; meet some of the areas up and coming chefs. All of this plus some extra surprises along the way as we take a behind the scenes look.

Neighborhood: Strip District

National Aviary Behind-the-Scenes: Avian Hospital and Guided Tour

Dr. Pilar Fish, Director of Veterinary Medicine, and her outstanding team provide the National Aviary's birds with dedicated prenatal, natal and preventative care, as well as cutting-edge surgical and emergency treatment. For geriatric and special needs birds, the National Aviary provides a life-long home where they can live out their days in comfort, while playing an important role in training the next generation of veterinarians.

Neighborhood: Northside

Modern and Post-Modern Architecture in Pittsburgh

In the past century major construction materials and technological innovations were pioneered and made in Pittsburgh, including iron, steel, aluminum, glass and wire cables.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Make No Little Plans - Daniel Burnham

Burnham was one of the first to design steel-framed skyscrapers launched his success with the design of the 1893 Chicago World Fair. He designed about 200 across the country, 7 of them in Pittsburgh. One century later he inspired the best-seller “The Devil in the White City”.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Downtown Safari Family Adventure

Lions, eagles, dragons, oh my! Gargoyles, grotesques, and a catfish, too! Have you ever looked up to notice all the creatures adorning historic bridges and buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh?

Neighborhood: Downtown

Lincoln in Pittsburgh

Largest showing of Lincoln photographs and artifacts in the U.S.

Neighborhood: Northside

Urban Art and Industrial Legacy

Learn about the visionary guerilla artists who worked in abandoned mills like the Carrie Furnaces! Discover the underground culture of graffiti and experience the famous Carrie Deer sculpture to learn why this once-hidden artwork has become one of Pittsburgh’s most well known public projects.

Neighborhood: Rankin