Far too often, we stumble upon a charming building or a beautiful church with the most incredible stain glass windows and wish we could open the door and walk inside, but the door is locked.  DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh opens that door for you.

Our Neighborhood Events and our signature Annual Event, give you behind-the-scenes access, and the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh’s diverse architecture, both old and new. 

Our Guided Walking Tours are led by guides who have both deep knowledge and great passion for the theme presented.  Let us guide you through architecture, public art, and history—neighborhood by neighborhood. Explore our in-person tours.

Our Specialty Tours are presented at one location, in a typically private space, as an immersive experience – perfect to for a date night or to celebrate a special occasion.

Wheelchair accessibility varies by tour; please contact us for more details. Read our COVID Policy.



Guided Walking Tours

Neighborhood Events


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