2020 Press Releases/News Coverage

Housed in the historic E&O building complex, @PennBrewery loves making ales for the community.

Explore their unique space at our annual event next Saturday & enter to win one of their specialty brews, #DoorsOpenPgh's Neb-Nose Gold Lager at #BeNebby


With a steel frame and breathtaking stained glass panels, be sure to explore Smithfield United Church of Christ at #DoorsOpenPgh's fifth annual event, just one week from today.

Tickets are available at #BeNebby

It almost time for the big event! Make sure you are dressed for a day of fun exploration by ordering some #DoorsOpenPgh merchandise now: #BeNebby

Influenced by Art Deco elements in the Gulf Tower, Koppers Tower and Grant Building, come explore EQT Plaza at #DoorsOpenPgh's fifth annual event, Saturday, October 3.

Tickets on sale at #BeNebby

Doors will still open in Pittsburgh, but a mask is a must 🚪😷

The annual tour through some of the area’s most iconic buildings is happening in 2020, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place to keep you safe. Read more, via @PittsburghMag ➡️

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