DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh, Inc is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) founded by Bonnie 

Baxter, a native Pittsburgher.  She was inspired to create the Doors Open Pittsburgh annual event by her experience attending a similar event while living in Chicago.

After transitioning back to her hometown of Pittsburgh, the inaugural Doors Open Pittsburgh event took place in October 2016.

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is “grass-roots” in the most real sense, with Bonnie serving as the full-time Executive Director, responsible for all day-to-day activities necessary to make this event happen.

As for full-time paid staff, there isn’t any except for Bonnie.

But DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh has been fortunate to have an event-day contingency of 300+ volunteers for its annual event every October, and for its Specialty Tour series beginning in 2020.

And, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is also supported by a few independent contractors:

  • Nicole Roach, Social Media Director
  • Michael Sanchez, Print Designer
  • Dr. Pam Gianni, Tour Curator

In 2019, Bonnie expanded the programming of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh to include “Specialty Tours.”  These tours are fully-guided bus tours (in most cases), that explore various neighborhoods and address inspiring, general interest themes.

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