Specialty Tours – COMPLETED

We are sorry if you missed these tours. Let us know if you would like them to return in 2021-2022. Email us at info@DoorsOpenPgh.org

Firsthand stories of how the black church has stood as the institution to build community, family, justice, and freedom.

Pittsburgh was an important stop for hundreds of freedom-seeking slaves heading North in the years before the Civil War, providing a hidden network of safe houses, functioning as Pittsburgh’s Underground Railroad.

See the city from up high! Ascend antique Pittsburgh skyscrapers for dazzling views and fabulous bird’s-eye selfies. Hear the amazing stories behind these multi-stories of yesteryear and the tycoons who commissioned them.

Every purse tells a story!  Join us as we explore the history of the “purse” with local collector Megan Wojcik, presented in a “high-tea” format. We will talk about the swankiest parties in Pittsburgh, speakeasy raids, fashion icons and Hollywood royalty.

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