Since 2016, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh has welcomed over 22,660 people, and counting, into local landmarks, historic buildings, and cool new spaces to ignite a positive perception of Pittsburgh and its neighborhoods.

DOP Annual Event

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh has been voted #2 (and #1) Best City Tour by readers of the City Paper since 2019.

The positive community impact of our largest event of the year, 2022 DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh: Downtown — as told by our attendees:

  • 84.1% have increased knowledge of Pittsburgh’s heritage, culture and/or people.
  • 90.2% have an increased appreciation for the architecture in Pittsburgh.
  • 80.5% have a better understanding of the need for historic preservation.
  • 87.8% feel this event does a good job of highlighting Pittsburgh’s cultural assets.
  • 59.8% learned about an innovative project happening in Pittsburgh that they did not know about.
  • 40.2% said that their opinion of Downtown has improved.
  • 91.5% are “very likely” to return to Downtown.
  • $11,098 was spent in Downtown while in attendance.

Comments from Pittsburgh stakeholders

“DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is a fantastic event that provides opportunities to explore areas of Downtown Pittsburgh that are not always available to an average visitor. From residential properties, to backstage and behind-the-scenes experiences, to the number of people who are curious about exploring Downtown, it has very quickly become a much-anticipated event that piques curiosity and brings thousands of visitors to our neighborhood. We are always pleased to partner with DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh and are excited about the new programming they are developing.”

Jeremy Waldrup, President/CEO, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

“It is thrilling to participate in DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh every year. We are all about getting Pittsburghers through our doors to experience quality arts and entertainment offerings and DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh allows us to showcase our historic theaters and spaces as destinations in and of themselves to entirely new audiences.”

Marc Fleming, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Broadway Programming, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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