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Welcome to the place where you can indulge your nebbiness about Pittsburgh’s unique history and neighborhoods.

We invite you to go off-the-beaten path with us to explore iconic architecture, new places and amazing people. Interested in contributing to our #BeNebby Blog? Submit your idea.

Feeling nebby? Then indulge yourself here!

I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.  But it wasn’t until I moved outside of Pittsburgh did I realize how much I had neglected to appreciate all that Pittsburgh has to offer—an

Market Square — Open for Business Since 1764

Here’s my challenge: to take you from Ireland in the mid 1700s to Pittsburgh by 2011 in less than 800 words.  All to cover Market Square’s birth and re-birth. In 1764, John Campbell,

The Women Who Saved the Fort Pitt Block House

It isn’t always easy to find traces of women’s history in downtown Pittsburgh. But behind one of our iconic buildings, the Fort Pitt Block House, lies the story of how a group of

Get to Know Squirrel Hill with a Driving Tour

In 2017, a local organization asked me to plan a walking tour of Squirrel Hill. “You can’t get the whole picture of Squirrel Hill by walking,” I replied. “It’s too big. You have

Beyond the Kindness of Strangers: Ethnic Clubs in Pittsburgh

Before health insurance, workers compensation, disability or life insurance, there were mutual beneficial societies. They were created at the start of the 20th century across the United States, and here in Pittsburgh, by

A Radical Remake of Pittsburgh’s Skyline

In the decade from 1900 to 1910, the Golden Triangle went from having just two skyscrapers to more than a dozen. I can’t wait to stay at the Industrialist Hotel, the new boutique

The Losterlings: The Lost Work of Architect Frederick J. Osterling

The East End Savings & Trust Building “We will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed.”–New York Times Editorial, October 1963 A Little Housekeeping Precariously

Pittsburgh, City of Beautiful Bridges

Of all the bridges in Pittsburgh, which one most represents the city? Is it the Smithfield Street Bridge, Roberto Clemente Bridge, Fort Pitt Bridge, David McCullough (16th Street) Bridge, or another one? The

Landmarks Woven into Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ+ Historical Tapestry

The City of Pittsburgh has a registry of historic landmarks that include buildings, monuments, and sites that tell stories so important to our identity that they are celebrated–and protected–by the City itself.  While
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