Anti-Discrimination Statement:

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion across all levels of its employment and community programming. We believe that the acknowledgement of our similarities and differences, including, and with respect to, age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, national origin, and religion, is critical to our efforts to meet the needs and interests of our constituents. For that reason, the content of our educational programming is based on a foundation of mutual respect, admiration, and appreciation for all.

Each employee, board member, community partner, volunteer, and guest of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh is entitled to fair treatment and equal opportunity. Anyone who feels that DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh has failed to live up to these values is encouraged to contact the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors for assistance.

Accessibility Clause:

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh creates community programming for all people, including those with physical or cognitive disabilities or other medical conditions. If an employee, board member, community partner, volunteer, or guest requires assistance to participate in our organization’s  activities, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to ensure access.

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh values the health, safety, and well-being of our constituents, and we will continually seek ways to improve your experience with us. All people are encouraged to reach out to the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors if they require an accommodation or if they feel their accessibility needs have not been adequately met.

  • Updated 3.23.2022
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