Glen Hazel’s WWII Housing: 80 Years of History

Glen Hazel’s WWII Housing: 80 Years of History

Explore 80 years of the Glen Hazel Defense Housing Project’s history.  Originally built for relocation of steelworkers during World War II, the project was the largest of four federally owned communities in Allegheny County.

But how did a military project become one of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods?  Join JaQuay Carter to explore the project’s impact on the City, including its connection to August Wilson.

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This story was recorded on February 14, 2022.

Your Storyteller

Award-winning historian and USMC Veteran, JaQuay Edward Carter, has a long history of serving others, both in the community and in the military.

JaQuay was born in Glen Hazel, where four generations of his family had lived before. Mr. Carter began his post-secondary education at the Community College of Allegheny County, earning an associate degree in Ethnic and Diversity Studies. Soon after, JaQuay enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, where he received a bachelor’s degree in History Education and Africana Studies.

In January of 2018, JaQuay was directed back to his hometown through a passion for history and neighborhood pride. He founded the Greater Hazelwood Historical Society of Pittsburgh to “restore pride and preserve the pillars of our community’s past.”

Since then, Mr. Carter developed a large following. He continues to teach, inspire, and unite people through the exploration of our shared history.


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