Kennywood Behind the Screams

Kennywood Behind the Screams

Kennywood Park has been Pittsburgh’s playground since the 19th century, when baseball games, track races and pony rides were more common than Potato Patch fries and amusement rides!

One of only two amusement parks recognized as a National Historic Landmark, this little trolley park has outlasted all the trolleys and is recognized by amusement enthusiasts worldwide for its tradition of preservation, highlighted by three classic wooden roller coasters that date back to the 1920s.

But while the park is a time-honored tradition and civic institution for the region, so much happens behind the scenes–or, behind the Screams!–that you may not realize.

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This story was recorded on April 25, 2021.

Your Storytellers

Kennywood’s Director of Corporate Communications Nick Paradise and Heinz History Center Director of Publications Brian Butko, author of multiple Kennywood books, peek inside several Kennywood spots rarely seen by the average Jack Rabbit rider.


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