I Shall Always Love You Isaly’s

I Shall Always Love You Isaly’s

We will take a walk through Isaly’s history to learn why so many Pittsburghers have fond memories of the company, why its ice cream and chipped ham are still regional favorites, and how Isaly’s Klondike bar became the world’s best-selling ice cream novelty.

Along the way, we will see some vintage ads and cool product packaging.

Presented by DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh / Hosted by Brian Butko.  Brian has written more than a dozen books on popular culture topics like Diners, Kennywood, the Lincoln Highway, and Roadside Attractions. His next book is a sequel: “Isaly’s Chipped Ham, Klondikes, and other Tales from Behind the Counter.” Brian has been voted Best Local Author by the Pittsburgh City Paper multiple times and has more history-themed books underway. Since 2001, Brian has served as Director of Publications at the Senator John Heinz History Center, where he oversees a quarterly journal and book publishing. He designs books and magazines too. RECORDED 4/19/21.


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