Pittsburgh’s First Pandemic: The White Plague

Pittsburgh’s First Pandemic: The White Plague

Join DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh for the inside story behind the White Plague that ravaged Pittsburgh at the turn of the century.  Little was known about tuberculosis and we can learn from their trials with this disease in 1915.

Like the Coronavirus pandemic today, the disease we now call tuberculosis changed everyday life forever.

We’ll show you what social distancing and unproven treatments looked like for back in 1915 for Pittsburghers, and the social changes from 1915 we’re still living with today, long after the White Plague was cured.

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This story was recorded on July 25, 2020.

Your Storyteller

Pamela Gianni, MD is a native Pittsburgher and second generation Italo-American, who loves all things Pittsburgh. She joined DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh as a volunteer tour curator, and now virtual storyteller, in 2019. In her day job, she’s a Medical Consultant to the Social Security Administration.


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