Finding Solitude: George Westinghouse

Finding Solitude: George Westinghouse

What happened to the mansion called Solitude – the mysterious Pittsburgh home of one of the world’s greatest inventors and industrialists? Why can’t we visit it today…or can we? 

Pam Gianni uncovers the history of the George Westinghouse mansion in Point Breeze called Solitude.

Peek inside the underground tunnels, and re-live the fiery explosion on Solitude’s front lawn that led to one of Westinghouse’s greatest inventions.

Presentation includes photos that help to tell the story of George Westinghouse, and his home.

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This story was recorded on June 6, 2020.

Your Storyteller

Pamela Gianni, MD is a native Pittsburgher and second generation Italo-American, who loves all things Pittsburgh. She joined DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh as a volunteer tour curator, and now virtual storyteller, in 2019. In her day job, she’s a Medical Consultant to the Social Security Administration.


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