Pittsburgh Jewelry District in the Clark Building

Pittsburgh Jewelry District in the Clark Building

717 Liberty Avenue

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Restrooms Available: Yes

Building Description:

With roots from Hollywood, The Clark Building was built in 1927 by MGM Film Studio Owner, James Clark and the Stanley Theatre Co., who built the adjacent Benedum Center. Early on, the mezzanine screening room was used to show MGM films. Famous actors would pass through, and the penthouse suite served as the regional headquarters for Warner Brothers. Over time, as film businesses migrated to larger cities, the building became home to the Pittsburgh Jewelry District, once home to over 70 jewelers. Today, over 15 jewelers remain, and the upper floors house luxury apartments operated by PMC Property.

Your Experience:  

Experience the Pittsburgh Jewelry District, once one of the country’s largest “diamond districts.”

These independent jewelers offer a sneak peek into the industry, detailing the entire ecosystem of jewelry manufacturing.

Experience the journey of a rough diamond taken from a mine to become a beautiful finished piece of jewelry.


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