Arcade Comedy Theater

943 Liberty Avenue

Saturday: 1pm-4pm

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Restrooms Available: Yes

Your Experience:  

When visiting the Arcade Comedy Theater you will get to tour the entire building including the behind-the-scenes areas that are normally only for performers.

You will also learn about the history of the building as well as the story of the Award Winning Arcade Comedy Theater.

Building Description:

943 Liberty Avenue has had a very rich history over it’s nearly 100 years of existence.

The building housed one of the last adult bookstores in operation on Liberty Avenue.

In 2006 the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust purchased the building and the bookstore was closed in 2008. On November 3, 2017 the award winning Arcade Comedy Theater relocated from their original location at 811 Liberty to 943 after an extensive renovation of the space.

The building now includes two state of the art theater spaces and a lounge. The Arcade Comedy Theater is Pittsburgh’s only non profit comedy theater.

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