Intersections of Faith: Pittsburgh Prays Tour

Intersections of Faith: Pittsburgh Prays Tour

Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques—they dot the Pittsburgh landscape, but most of us have never been inside a house of worship other than our own.

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh invites you in! Join the Pittsburgh Prays Tour as we visit the houses of worship of four different faith groups: Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Tour has been co-curated by Dr. Pam Gianni, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh’s Tour Curator, and Bonnie Baxter, DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh’s Executive Director.


2 thoughts on “Intersections of Faith: Pittsburgh Prays Tour

  1. Which churches and synagogues are on the tour?

    If Smithfield United Church of Christ isn’t on the tour, that would be a shame. It’s the oldest German church in Pittsburgh and has 60% stained glass windows in the sanctuary.

  2. Hi Jean, the tour you are refencing is a bus tour — we have postponed all bus tours until 2022 due to COVID. Please check in early 2022 for that re-schedule date. Thank you!

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