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COTERIE Company (at the Frick Building)

437 Grant Street

Neighborhood: Downtown

Saturday: 10a-4p

Sunday: 10a-4p

Categories: Amazing Views, Office Space

COTERIE Company is located on the 20th Floor Penthouse of the Henry Clay Frick Building. COTERIE is a co-working and event space that caters to women small business owners and the aesthetic is beautiful.

Henry Clay Frick constructed what was the tallest building in Downtown Pittsburgh and opened doors to the Frick Building in 1902. It showcases the Greek Classical design of steel encased in limestone and granite. Upon entering the marble lobby, visitors will find a wall-sized stained glass window by John LaFarge of “Fortune and Her Wheel.”

Visitors will take the elevators to the 20th floor Penthouse where COTERIE Company is located. Henry Clay Frick used the Penthouse as his personal office and men’s social club. The ceilings are handcrafted and you can see the original brass door fixtures – not to mention Henry’s personal door to his office. The terrace has a stunning 360 degree view of Pittsburgh, unlike any other in the city.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Enjoy the beautifully comfortable seating and work areas, a 360 degree terrace view of Pittsburgh, unique kitchen and cabinetry, marble lobby entranceway - plus the ceilings are historically protected and GORGEOUS! COTERIE is thrilled to showcase this unique piece of Pittsburgh's history. It is a must see.

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes, Wheelchairs can enter at the Fifth Avenue Entrance to the Frick Building.

Restrooms Available: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms: No

Photography Restrictions: None