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Bricolage Production Company

937 Liberty Avenue, 1st Fl

Neighborhood: Downtown

Saturday: 10a-4p

Categories: Theater

937 Liberty Avenue was probably built between 1900-1916. The building was home to Schume’s Turkish bath house. Some American bathhouses existed for the purpose of health and cleanliness, while others were seedier scenes. Schume’s stood apart because it walked the line between these two extremes.

In the 1960s, Liberty Avenue devolved to a sex den as rent prices lowered. Schume’s business remained open, though it veered towards the less-pristine direction most bathhouses headed in during this time.

The first floor held a variety of tenants. First, it was the Standard Printing Company, then the Pittsburgh Phonograph Company in the early 1900s. Later, it was the Mamie W. Barth School of Dancing between the 1940s-1960s. There is evidence that Gene Kelly was trained here.

The building was sold to The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh in 1988, then to the Cultural Trust in 2003.

The building currently houses Bricolage Production Company, whose mission is to use Pittsburgh’s “distinctive resources” to create theater that “stimulates” a heightened sense of involvement for the audience.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Visitors will see our freshly renovated lobby and black box theater and get to peak behind-the-scenes into the renovation of our backstage and dressing room areas.

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Restrooms Available: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms: Yes

Photography Restrictions: None