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Aquaponics Project

Stanwix at Liberty Ave

Oct 1: 9 A.M - 4 P.M

Oct 2: 9 A.M - 4 P.M

The Aquaponics Project is an organization started through The University of Pittsburgh.  The Gateway Center Aquaponics Project is not even a month old, but it is a revolutionary part of Pittsburgh’s landscape.  Aquaponics allows us to raise both plants and fish using 90% less water and land than traditional agriculture. Aquaponics combines growing fish and plants to create a microecosystem that preserves water and energy. We have brought this incredible technique to the center of our city and hope that it spreads to other neighborhoods.

Visitors will be educated on the how this process works first-hand and why it is so important.  The development team behind this important project will be on-hand to educate and answer your questions.


Wheelchair Accessible: No

Restrooms Available: No

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms: No

Photography Restrictions: None