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Alphabet City/City of Asylum

40 W. North Avenue

Neighborhood: Northside

Saturday: 1p-4p

Sunday: 1p-4p

Categories: Art On Display, Theater

City of Asylum is building Alphabet City® Center — a home for writers, readers, and neighbors — that includes spaces for readings and performances, writing workshops and residencies, as well as a restaurant (Casellula Wine & Cheese Cafe) and an independent bookstore (City of Asylum Bookstore).

City of Asylum @ Alphabet City is a hub for Pittsburgh’s readers and writers, jazz and small-scale music and performance, and artistic experimentation. It is a home for diverse voices from around the globe—a place where Pittsburgh meets the world and the world meets Pittsburgh. And it is also a home for many partnering artists and organizations in our own community.

By establishing a safe haven for writers and artists who voice ideas that are new, different, or provocative in a diverse urban community, City of Asylum encourages new lines of communication, cultural exchange, and collaboration.

The City of Asylum’s new home is at Alphabet City, in the grand former Masonic Hall in Pittbsurgh’s historic Northside neighborhood. Located next to the old Garden Theater, this building sat vacant since the mid-1990s. Today, Alphabet City is home to City of Asylum’s performance space, City of Asylum Bookstore, and Casellula, along with providing an accessible space for the community and sanctuary for exiled writers from around the world.


YOUR EXPERIENCE: Visitors can expect to see a structurally-open, welcoming and flexible space used for performances, dining, and meetings. Enjoy a great evening at Casellula @ Alphabet City featuring a wide range of cheeses & wine, plus great food & sweets, served in an intimate space, following the tour.

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes

Restrooms Available: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms: Yes

Photography Restrictions: None