How much does it cost? Where do I buy tickets?

$8 for 1-day pass and $12 for a 2-day pass.  Under 18 and Over 65 are FREE, but do require a “ticket” for entry.  Tickets are ONLY available on the DOP website, now through October 8 at 3pm.  Please refer to the TICKETS/TOURS page of this website to get tickets.  Everyone will need to present a ticket at EACH building for entry.

How do I decide which buildings I want to visit?

All participating buildings for 2017 are posted on our website. You will be able to sort by neighborhood, category, and access times for each building on the BUILDING LIST page. Simply make a list of buildings that interest you most and plan your adventure accordingly.

How do I maximize the number of buildings I can see?

Refer to BUILDING LIST page for maps. To maximize the number of building visits you have, we suggest that you sort by neighborhood and look for buildings that are clustered together to save time. Also, you can create YOUR MOBILE ITINERARY to help you create an efficient plan for your adventure!

Is there a printed map and listing of participating buildings?

Yes, a downloadable/printable version of the 2017 Event Guide is now posted on our website.  Also, the 2017 Event Guide will be available as an insert in the City Paper (Sept 27, city-only boxes), and also at the event itself while supplies last.

Will ALL buildings be open from 10am-4pm during the DOP event?

No, not all buildings will be open 10am-4pm each day of the DOP event.  Please refer to the individual listings on the BUILDING LIST page for specific location hours, and any last-minute changes.

How much time should I plan for each building? Will there be lines?

A typical building visit will take 10-15 minutes. Plan to visit a maximum of 8-10 buildings per day to avoid having to rush. You may have to wait in the occasional line to get into the more popular buildings.

Why will I see some people advancing to the front-of-the-line?

Volunteers and Sponsors have been provided a Priority Pass for their contribution to DOP 2017.

What will I experience at a building?

Please refer to individual building descriptions on the BUILDING LIST page. Note, some buildings may offer guided tours, special lectures or exhibits. Confirm the length and time of any tours so you can schedule them into your day.

Can I take a guided tour?

New to 2017 are the Insider Tours. These tours provide a thematic tour experience led by an expert, and are a separate experience from the DOP event.  The only tour that will available to you after October 5 is “Tower at PNC.”  Please refer the TICKETS/TOURS page for description and tickets.

May I take pictures/video?

Some buildings will have photography and recording restrictions. Please refer to the individual building descriptions on the BUILDING LIST page before visiting.

Are restrooms available at the buildings?

In most cases restrooms are available. Please refer to the individual building descriptions for restroom availability and accessibility before visiting to be certain.

Are the buildings handicap accessible?

Most buildings are handicap accessible, but may require a separate entrance than the primary “event” address for the building. Please refer to the individual building descriptions on the website before visiting to be certain.

Can I provide feedback about my DOP 2017 experience?

DOP will send all event ticket holders an online survey after the event.